Hypnotherapy is serious work, undertaken by a Qualified and Certified Hypnotherapist as I am. I work full time delivering a caring service, sharing my skills, knowledge and resources gained from years of training, to serve one purpose to treat you kind and help you relax to receive guidance for your life changing goals. Some people turn to the help of a Hypnotherapist when anxious, sad, lonely, confused or lost, whatever your reasons you are here for a reason.

A session with a Hypnotherapist involves being in a peaceful setting, with no distractions, where you won’t be disturbed, you are fully aware and conscious. Once you are in a trance (known as “heightened awareness”) I am able to access your subconscious to help you make phenomenal changes in your life. Some techniques involve you actively as well. Some clients I must be honest, have fallen asleep during my sessions but I take that as a compliment, during training we are warned this is a frequent, perfectly normal and natural occurrence, so I continue my therapy delivering my message to your subconscious.

As a trained and experienced Hypnotherapist I have helped clients with a range of concerns, here is just a small sample of what Hypnotherapy can help with.

Weight Loss Quit Vaping Fear of Flying
Fear of Public Speaking Exam Stress Depression
Give up Smoking Trauma Relationship Worries
Overwhelmed Procrastination Pain Management

If it appears you may be suffering from one of the above, or you are experiencing problems in another area of your life and you want help, you no longer have to settle that this is your life, instead you can now do something about it. It will take your determination, free will, time and money but if you feel the time is right, I am here to help, it’s my job, I enjoy it and I think I’m quite good at it. My free consultation to discuss your concern (even if it is not listed), can help you decide if my services are valuable to you, will Hypnotherapy help you, and you can decide whether to book a one-off session to help you (with your fear of wasps for example) or if you need to book a program package of sessions to provide you with the tools you need for life changing self help. See my Services and Prices pages to do some research on what is involved, further information and more details.

Hypnotherapy can help with a host of areas of suffering and concern. The key is to choose the right Hypnotherapist who has experience in the particular area you want addressing. You might think you need to find a Hypnotherapist near you, but maybe the opposite may be better for you, to get away from your community and go to another neighbourhood where no one knows you, alternatively you don’t even need to leave your home as you can attend your sessions online over a Live Zoom call or purchase one of my digital narrative sessions.

If you were to research online about Hypnotherapy you may find it described as ‘a spoken intervention to help the mind focus and body relax to create a conscious state of attention to be open to increased suggestibility for the temporary treatment of a state of concern, condition or disorder whether it is medical or psychological.’ It really needn’t be that complicated. I am a trained, certified and experienced professional Hypnotherapist to work with you to help you reach an alternative conscious state to receive my supporting and encouraging words to pursue a positive outcome personal to you and your area of concern.

I am trained to help you focus your mind and relax your body to be guided to help you choose to positively change your perceptions, feelings, thoughts, memories or behaviours. I speak to your subconscious to suggest ways to help you deal with fears and blockages. I listen to your concerns and anxieties, we discuss how you are feeling and what are your triggers and goals. I help with your vision of hopefulness, positivity and action. My sessions are an opportunity for you to relax, concentrate on your concern, focus on the positive outcome, believe and visualise your future self. You will have time to focus to improve your life in the area you choose. Through my skills while you are under a heightened suggestible state I will help you modify your behaviour, focus your attention to promote a positive wellness way of thinking and behaving going forward.

People new to Hypnotherapy have described it as that feeling you have at the end of a relaxing massage, ‘when you are awake but totally relaxed and want to stay and enjoy the feeling a little longer’, that is probably the best way to describe it and definitely why my clients return as they get so much from it. Perhaps you could consider it a massage for your mind and emotions though there is no physical contact. I take you on a journey through your fears to a place you feel most happy and hopeful. Even though many people feel the benefits after a program package of sessions, you can book a one-off session in person or online, and you can order a take-away of one of my pre-recorded digital sessions that you can listen to wherever and whenever you want (within limits).

You’re here now, let’s take the next step, drop me a line to book your free consultation.